Community & Corridor Development

Weaving Communities and Their Story

Our approach to community and corridor development seamlessly integrates the functional needs of a community with its unique identity. We actively involve various stakeholders, such as residents, developers, and city governments, to craft spaces that authentically capture the essence of each community. We view corridors as pivotal lifelines, connecting people to sustainable places to live, work, and play. Our environmentally conscious approach harmoniously blends modern design with cultural tradition, while prioritizing green spaces and reducing car-centric development for the enduring well-being of communities. We are deeply passionate about weaving narratives of community pride, fostering economic growth, and championing environmental stewardship, thereby leaving a positive and lasting impact on the places and people we serve.


Southlake, Texas

Cobb Farm

Frisco, Texas

Village 121

Plano, Texas


Harrison County, Mississippi

Caruth Properties TOD

Richardson, Texas

Heep Ranch

Austin, Texas

Ross & Peak

Dallas, Texas