Brian Moore, AICP

Principal / Director of GFF Planning
Texas A&M University

Brian Moore is a Principal with GFF, Inc

Mr. Moore received his Master of Architecture in 1995 from Texas A&M University in addition to a Bachelor of Environmental Design. While studying abroad and fulfilling the position of Graduate Teacher Assistant, he was honored with an architectural research grant concerning documentational analysis.

A Principal and Director of GFF Planning, Brian is a Certified Planner leading our firm’s effort on diverse assignments for campus master planning, site analysis, land use planning, urban design, site planning and zoning processing assistance for public and private clients.

Brian has been with GFF since 1996 and has since acquired extensive experience on a wide variety of projects, making himself a valuable asset to the firm. His outstanding abilities have enabled him to work on significant architectural projects including educational and church facilities, corporate office facilities and retail centers.

2016 GFF Promotions

GFF, Inc. is pleased to announce our recent promotions. Brian Moore, AICP and Maria Gomez, AIA, LEED AP were named Principals. In addition, David Boone, RA was named Associate Principal. In total, 26 architects, intern architects, interior designers and planners were promoted in another record-breaking year for the firm. Moore, graduating with a Master Degree…

The Pet Post

Young and old, mix or pure, here at GFF we love our animals! We prefer our water-cooler talk to be about our beloved fur babies rather than who was voted off the island. Our pets are our children and like all parents we like to show and tell!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Acres

We thought we would give you sneak peak of our poster for Larry‘s upcoming GFFU. Captured in their natural habitat are retired principal Bryce Weigand and Director of GFF Planning Brian Moore. We bet you didn’t know that site planning was so fun.

GFF Human Resources Recruiting 2011