Westmoreland Heights Neighborhood Master Plan

Dallas, Texas

The area of west Dallas has seen a recent resurgence in development activity along Singleton Boulevard south of the Trinity River. Improvements like the construction of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and recent streetscape amenities along Singleton have made the neighborhoods of west Dallas’ La Bajada, Lake West and Westmoreland Heights important locations for those seeking low to moderate income housing options. Builders of Hope is seeking to capitalize on its past improvements in Westmoreland Heights by preparing a master plan for the entire neighborhood through a thoughtful, consensus building process. This vast 660 acre, mostly single family neighborhood has three distinct enclaves near the old Trinity River corridor that serves a mostly elderly African-American and young Latino community. Public improvements at Tipton Park, expanded trail access, and over 150 new homes in the last 15 years are making this area on the cusp of a thriving neighborhood; however, the sobering fact of there being over 300 vacant lots and an unusually high proportion of elderly singles make each block seem unnecessarily blighted and in desperate need of master plan for the entire neighborhood. Design solutions may include updating the land use plan for the area, making recommendations for specific projects on the next Bond Program, detailed site planning in strategic locations, and identifying potential catalyst projects in the area.