Campus Planning

Every Campus Has a Story

Our approach to campus planning for corporate and education campuses is all about creating vibrant and purposeful destinations that harmoniously blend with their physical, natural, social, and cultural contexts. We recognize that the most significant challenges in such projects often revolve around effective communication and building consensus among diverse stakeholders, ranging from administrators and faculty to students, each with their unique expectations and requirements. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we firmly believe that building consensus is the linchpin to propel any project forward successfully. We employ a collaborative methodology deeply rooted in open communication, iterative design, and a keen focus on gathering data, programming and analysis, concept development, and plan refinement. Our process engages stakeholders, fostering a shared vision at the outset, and utilizes a workshop format that encourages idea exchange and critique, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. By developing a Land Use Framework Plan, exploring alternative concepts, and comparing options against predefined goals and guiding principles, we meticulously craft a preferred solution that culminates in a compelling narrative and clear visual exhibits. We take pride in transforming campuses into not just spaces, but thriving destinations that thoughtfully respond to their unique contexts and ignite the imagination of all those who inhabit them.


Southlake, Texas

Cobb Farm

Frisco, Texas

Village 121

Plano, Texas


Harrison County, Mississippi

Caruth Properties TOD

Richardson, Texas

Heep Ranch

Austin, Texas

Ross & Peak

Dallas, Texas