Dallas Theological Seminary Masterplan

Dallas, Texas

Dallas Theological Seminary engaged GFF to update a Master Facility Plan that was completed in 2012. Using this plan as a starting point the revised updated Plan provided a blueprint for the re-development of all 20+acres owned by DTS in East Dallas. The Master Facility Plan included:

  • The optimal location and configuration of a new 500 seat chapel and Student Life Center
  • Location and configuration for student and staff parking
  • Recommendation for future use of the Mitchell Ministry Center
  • Recommendations for informal gathering spaces and mixing of different student constituencies, relaxation/study space for commuting students between classes, coffee and dining services tailored to meet student needs.
  • Recommendation for future location for the following (likely) displaced departments:
    • Facilities and Plant Operations (shops, maintenance, storage, )
    • Event Services
    • Custodial Services
    • Distribution & Mail Services
  • Campus edge definition and visual character that will include the construction of a new ornamental fence, corner monuments signs and improved landscape
  • Enhancement of the streetscape along Apple Street, improving the pedestrian experience for this important cross-campus connecting spine.
  • Acquisition of strategic non-owned properties