Good Shepherd Episcopal Church and School Master Plan

Dallas, Texas

GFF has worked with Good Shepherd Episcopal Church and School on planning and architectural work for the last fifteen years. Projects have included a new 17,000 SF Middle School, a new 26,000 SF Lower School and a new 18,000 SF Learning Center, Library and Science Lab ddition. The latest comprehensive Master Plan seeks to address the various existing and future space requirements of an active church congregation and a 750-student private school located on a ten acre campus in north Dallas. The Master Plan solves many of these requirements through the architectural unification of the church and school. An expanded dining hall, new parish hall, new church transepts, a new gymnasium, new fine arts wing, and new learning center form a comprehensive campus plan that architecturally link the existing church and school together. These new projects will be phased in through time eventually enabling all entities access to expanded, multi-use spaces and activity areas.