Southern Methodist University Centennial Master Plan 1997-2010

Dallas, Texas

The campaign for SMU: A Time to Lead was launched in 1997. The five-year campaign was initially envisioned as a $300 million campaign; it subsequently grew to $542 million through the gifts, pledges and benevolence of over 40,000 alumni, parents, corporations, foundations and SMU friends. This Centennial Master Plan created a road map for campus leadership to follow which illustrated campus acreage expansion opportunities, and identified 14 new facilities to construct and seven existing facilities to renovate. Campus beautification was implemented by providing more green space internally. Parking garages were created to help facilitate this major program. In addition, extensive landscaping, site furniture, lighting and other campus amenities were identified and implemented. The character and charm of the Collegiate Georgian campus setting continues to be improved dramatically.

The firm led a multi-disciplinary team in the conduct of a master plan to guide the finest intact Georgian campus in the United States into its Centennial year. Dozens of disconnected building and land initiatives identified in the University’s Strategic Plan, including a new stadium, the Meadows Museum, a science quadrangle, and a new eastern gateway, required prioritization and positioning on the master plan.