Creating Memorable Places


Creating Memorable Places

The words in our corporate mission were chosen carefully. Because we are architects, interior designers, landscape architects and planners, the places we create take on many forms: the workplace interior, courtyards and spaces between buildings, walkable mixed use villages and the educational campus, for instance. A memorable place is beautiful, uplifting, sustainable and authentic…crafted to endure so that its value builds over time.

Firm Values


Provide memorable service to clients, colleagues, and others in ways that build strong relationships and helps everyone succeed.

Design Excellence

Strive for excellence in everything we create.


Improve our communities and professions through quality thinking, thoughtful actions, visible presence and sustained commitment.

Team Approach

A team approach produces the best work and is most fulfilling. We are flexible in our teaming arrangements and it’s important that all voices are heard.


Be individually responsible with the resources entrusted to us from clients, society, GFF and others.

Provide Meaningful Opportunities For All

Provide an environment where everyone, at every stage of life, can have the career they want inside the firm – and the life they want beyond it.