Sustaining Memorable Places


GFF carefully considers the resources of our clients and our planet to create healthier, higher performing environments. Sustainable projects reduce waste and natural resource consumption while promoting occupant morale, student performance and employee productivity. As climate change becomes of increasing concern, efficient and thoughtful design has become increasingly important to the stewardship of our projects.  Our approach to sustainability is defined by the following Maxims:

  1. GFF creates places that improve the human, social, and environmental health of the communities they shape.
  2. We promote viable alternatives to unhealthy and non-renewable resources.
  3. We strive to minimize the energy consumption of the buildings we design and the embodied carbon of the materials we source.
  4. We believe the places we create must be adaptable, durable, and equitable.
  5. We seek to Create Memorable Places that are sustainable for generations.

Responsible Materials Research

The Black & Gold List is a GFF initiative to source exterior and interior materials that promote environmental and human health throughout the life of a project – from initial manufacturing to end of life cycle. We encourage the selection of materials that are responsibly sourced, low in harmful chemical content, and contribute to reduced carbon emissions.