Sustainability /

GFF promotes, embraces and implements the ideology of sustainable design. Striving to meet new sustainable design benchmarks not only reduces resource waste, but improves occupant morale, student performance and employee productivity. As energy costs rise, utilizing energy- and resource-efficient systems has become increasingly important to Owners, Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers.

GFF currently has 18 LEED Accredited Professionals and several of these have become leaders of the green movement within our organization. Our sustainability practice includes nine LEED Gold certified projects (including one LEED for Homes Gold), eleven LEED Silver certified projects, eight certified projects and several projects in various stages of the LEED certification process. We have completed four Green Globes projects, one of which received four Green Globes.

We design all of our projects to meet the energy efficiency requirements of the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code). We are well-versed and experienced with these requirements and will be able to apply this design standard to your project, and our team will apply appropriate sustainable strategies. Buildings designed to LEED certification require extra consideration and care on the part of the Owner, Architect, Landscape Architect, and Interior Designer in design and construction.