Design Maxims

GFF’s Design Maxims are a set of guidelines that the firm uses to ensure that our design process is consistent and effective. At a minimum, we seek to deliver design work that is thoughtful and successful in seven different areas. These maxims serve as a compass for our design teams, guiding them as they work to execute holistically innovative and impactful designs that meet the needs of our clients and exceed their expectations. While each project is a unique opportunity that is driven by the vision of the client, the project’s context, and the impact it will have on the environment, our baseline approach to design ensures that our clients are getting the most comprehensive approach to their projects.


GFF Strives to exceed client objectives and advance their vision

We understand that every project is unique and requires a tailored approach, which is why we take the time to listen carefully to our clients’ needs and wants. We use this information to create a design brief that serves as the foundation for every project we undertake. By focusing on our clients’ objectives and working closely with them throughout the design process, we are able to deliver designs that exceed their expectations and help them achieve their goals. Whether we are working on a residential, commercial, or public project, our goal is always to create designs that are thoughtful, innovative, and impactful. We believe that by working closely with our clients and paying attention to their needs, we can create designs that truly stand out and make a difference.


Our designs clearly express a big idea

We are committed to creating designs that are driven by a clear, central concept that resonates with our clients and their audiences. Rather than focusing on applied, stylistic notions, we strive to offer solutions that are untethered from these constraints and allow us to truly explore the potential of a given idea. By embracing this approach, we are able to create designs that are both innovative and impactful, and that truly capture the essence of our clients’ vision.


We are collaborative; giving voice to multiple approaches and refining those to reveal the best ideas

We believe that great design is the result of careful consideration and comparison. As a team, we take the time to explore a wide range of options for each project we undertake, and carefully compare one option against the others to determine which one is the best fit. This approach allows us to identify the ideal solution for each project because the best idea always wins.


These solutions thoughtfully respond to physical, natural, social, and cultural context

We believe in creating places that are thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly with their context. Our team takes into account the unique built and ecological setting of each project to ensure that our designs are not only beautiful, but also function in harmony with their environments. We also prioritize preserving and incorporating existing social and cultural elements into our designs, creating spaces that are truly reflective of the communities they serve. By carefully considering these factors, we are able to create places that are not only aesthetically significant, but also sustainable and respectful of their surroundings.


We are committed to positively impacting people and the planet

We are passionate about creating positive change for both people and the planet. Our work can have a profound impact on individuals, communities, and our planet, and we are committed to designing sustainable buildings and landscapes. By using environmentally-friendly materials, incorporating passive and active sustainable design approaches, we strive to design for sustainability and work closely with our clients to ensure that our projects improve quality of life for the people who use them.


We leverage our vast market experience to deliver forward-thinking solutions

With over 40 years of experience designing award-winning projects, our firm has a deep understanding of the communities we work in and the unique nature of the products we design. We bring this expertise to all of our work and are well-versed in the complex nature of building codes and jurisdiction-specific zoning regulations. This ensures that your design will meet all necessary requirements. Additionally, our strong connections within the communities we serve give us unique insight into local preferences and needs, allowing us to make the most informed design decisions when working on projects for our clients.


We seek to Create Memorable Places that enhance the human experience

The words in our corporate mission were chosen carefully. Because we are architects, interior designers, landscape architects and planners, the places we create take on many forms: the workplace interior, courtyards and spaces between buildings, walkable mixed use villages and the educational campus, for instance. A memorable place is beautiful, uplifting, sustainable and authentic…crafted to endure so that its value builds over time.

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