9001 Cypress Waters

North Dallas, Texas

9001 Cypress Waters is a 215,000 GSF four-story spec office building located in Cypress Waters, a 1,000-acre mixed-use development in the North Dallas/Freeport area. The southeast corner of the building is strategically located where the axis of Cypress Waters Boulevard shifts east to align with a lake located to the north. The corner is designed to reveal a clear glass facade that is protected with horizontal sun shading allowing for light and views but reducing solar exposure.  A cantilevered composite metal box creates a special feature on the third floor. The building’s main entrance is marked by a four-story frame composed of thin aluminum tubes providing a monumental presence that casts a delicate shadow on the facade. The façade at the building entrance is also revealed as the concrete panels are peeled away and clear uninterrupted glass maximizes visual connections to the park. All windows facing the parks are full height.