If you are a prospective client with a new project opportunity that you would like to discuss with GFF, please contact one of the following Principals.

    Project Type:

    Office/Corporate/Build-to-Suit: Maria Gomez
    Education: Jon Rollins
    Cultural/Non-Profit/Church Works: Stephen Pickard
    Mixed-Use and Residential: Evan Beattie
    Shopping Centers/Retail Stores: Grant Wickard
    Automotive/Recreational Facilities: Scott Sower
    Historic Preservation: Jon Rollins
    Restaurants: Levi Hooten

    Interior Design: Alix Rios
    Master Planning: Brian Moore
    Landscape:  Mark Bowles
    Civic: Kent Pontious
    Fort Worth: Evan Beattie
    Austin:  Jim West
    Other Project Types:  Evan Beattie