The Mockingbird

Dallas, Texas

The Mockingbird is a built project on the site of the recently demolished Love Field Inn. The hotel was considered an eye sore that greeted travelers arriving from Dallas-Love Field Airport. The restaurant not only improves the visual quality of West Mockingbird Lane, but also provides airport workers, travelers and hotel guests a place to break bread in a neighborhood otherwise vacant of memorable dining experiences.

Drawing inspiration from a client’s fascination with pre-engineered metal building structures, the form of the building is easily distinguishable in its context. Its 16:12 sloped roof is powerfully normal, but a curtain wall cuts the form and creates a dynamic visual connection with the busy street and patio area. The high, sloped ceilings create reverent interior space and a familiar level of comfort for patrons sitting in re-purposed church pews. The kitchen spaces take on a separate volume but are connected by a large opening, allowing intimate interaction between those who prepare and those who nourish.