Church Works

Spiritually, Environmentally and Community Driven

Our team is a group of highly experienced professionals who focus exclusively on the planning and design of faith-based facilities. We see our role in a project as facilitators who will assist your Church in realizing your vision, not imposing ours on you.  Our goal is for the design solution of your project to mirror the unique qualities, culture and circumstances that exist for your Church, not a formula driven solution applied without thorough consideration for your real needs.

Many churches today favor a more ‘authentic’ representation of who they are. The modern church is not cloistered and mysterious, it is open and accessible.  The architecture is straightforward and honest, not historicist or artificial.  Buildings can reveal the life of the church and create tangible connections to the surrounding community. Elaborate detailing and expensive materials often give way to creative uses of inexpensive materials that are durable and easily maintained.  Raw concrete can be celebrated not concealed, structural elements can be exposed, and paints and stains are often the interior finish of choice.

Church Works Projects