Hope Fellowship

Prosper, Texas

Hope Fellowship Church believes that ‘building community’ was at the core of developing its new campus on 18 undeveloped acres in rural Prosper, Texas. The church was interested in understanding the development potential of the property and maximizing square footage and number of potential seats in worship within a modest budget. The goal was to create an 800-seat worship center that could easily expand to 1200 seats, education space for 250 pre-school and elementary age children, and a generous indoor/outdoor community gathering space.

The most significant element of the proposed campus masterplan was the creation of a large ‘town green’ and community coffee house that is directly accessible from the public street and intended to act as a kind of ‘shared realm’ where sacred meets secular – being used both by the church and the surrounding neighborhood. The innovative design for the 800-seat worship center allows it to expand to 1200 seats within the original building footprint. Completed in 2023.