TCU – Robert Carr Chapel Renovation

Ft. Worth, Texas

Robert Carr Chapel at Texas Christian University is a both a popular wedding venue, as well as a facility for worship, memorials, and University functions. The wide variety of users resulted in conflicting requirements for the space, which generated the need for major functional improvements. GFF focused on increasing the flexibility, usability, and accessibility of the space, as well as an update to the interior finish palette. The interventions also included improvements to lighting, acoustics, and audio/visual technology.

Specific considerations included new wood flooring, adding warmth to the room, and a custom-colored carpet aisle which incorporates a hint of color and a subtle nod to TCU’s branding. A two-tone paint scheme highlights the original woodwork and moulding details. Pews were refurbished and new velvet cushions added. The custom chancel rail was designed to complement the detailing of the transom window above the entrance to the Chapel. New cove lighting highlights the original barrel vault and adjustable spotlights add flexibility at the chancel. When room acoustics need dampening for certain events, concealed curtains can be pulled over the balcony windows and customized tuning cabinets designed to complement the woodwork on the rear wall can be opened. The result is a renovation of the chapel which remains respectful of its history on the campus while allowing maximum use of the facility.