Life Austin Amphitheater

Austin, Texas

Life Austin (formerly Promiseland West) is developing a new 68 acre campus for their church on Highway 71 in southwest Austin, Texas.  A master plan has been developed for the property that includes recommendations for the placement and configuration of various educational and worship facilities. As part of the Phase I construction of the plan, the church is interested in building a new 1000 seat covered, outdoor amphitheater that will accommodate a variety of performance and worship events.  Uncovered seating for 1000 will also be provided in the lawn and grass berms that surround the amphitheater.  In addition to accommodating these activities, the design supports an acoustical plan for distributing reinforced sound while controlling dB levels at property lines per Austin Noise Ordinance Requirements.

While serving as the primary event pre-function space, a large entry concourse will accommodate a variety of smaller scale informal worship, performance and gathering venues that support the larger amphitheater.  Mobile food vendors line the edges of the concourse area, providing a variety of culinary options for patrons that can be rotated or customized to support a specific event.  Native landscaping is integrated into the design to form a ‘friendly’, yet secure perimeter boundary that controls public access into the amphitheater.  Natural stone and galvanized metal treatments will match the material palette that will be utilized on other structures throughout the church campus. Completed July 2015