Kipp Schecht, AIA LEED AP

Associate / Senior Project Leader
Texas Tech University

Kipp Schecht is an Associate and Senior Project Leader with GFF, Inc

Kipp is a passionate architect with over 20 years of experience working in the architectural profession on a diverse portfolio of work that spans a variety of project types. His skillset includes the distinct ability to produce solutions that are innovative, unique, and founded on the knowledge and experience acquired working on several building types.

Kipp has an enthusiasm and desire to develop projects focused on healthcare, civic, and educational buildings paired with a passion for recreation and wellness centers. He currently has been researching trends in healthcare and recreation facilities and the creation of a building type that combines the elements and services of the two disciplines into the creation of one shared project developed to serve multiple needs of the community. Kipp’s experience includes all facets of the architectural process from pre-design and planning throughout construction administration. He has been personally requested by past clients and contractors to work on their projects as he has a natural ability to develop a team atmosphere that often leads to a kinship with those he works with. He is highly organized and able to lead his staff and consultants to produce high quality projects focused on the needs and desires of his clients.