The GFF Church Works Studio is GFF’s team committed to creating compelling environments for Worship, Fellowship and Education that are spiritually, environmentally and community driven.

The GFF Church Works Studio is a team of highly experienced professionals who focus exclusively on the planning and design of faith based facilities. Our portfolio includes a variety of worship spaces that support both traditional and alternative worship styles, compelling spaces for gathering and connection, and state of the art environments for children’s and youth education. We assist churches in developing environmentally sustainable design solutions that promote energy efficiency and cost savings. Stylistically, we believe that many churches are favoring a more ‘authentic’ representation of who they are. The modern church is not cloistered and mysterious, it is open and accessible. A building’s transparency can reveal interior spaces that become a visible extension of, and connected to, the community that surrounds the church. Elaborate detailing and expensive materials have given way to more creative solutions. Cost effective construction techniques allow for high quality construction at budget prices. Parking solutions will seek options for ‘shared’ scenarios, which can reduce the extensive paving that surrounds (and disconnects) most large church campuses, freeing up budget dollars that can be applied toward landscaping and creating more meaningful outdoor environments.

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