Lena Starostine, AIA

Senior Project Coordinator
University of Texas at Arlington

Lena Starostine is a Senior Project Coordinator with GFF, Inc

Form Follows Fitness 5k

We had a great turnout for the Form Follows Fitness 5k this year with 27 GFFers, several kids, dogs and one puppy all taking part. Click to see pictures!

Portrait of a GFFer: Lena Starostine (extended cut!)

Every so often we have one that breaks the mold. This week Lena is taking Portrait of a GFFer to a whole new level. She gave us 20 amazing facts and photos and we simply couldn't cut any of them out. Each fact has it's own photo and each photo is telling us a great…

Welding IX – Group 3

Group 3 attended their first welding workshop last night to be introduced to metal fabrication. Jackie Brooks, Claire Johnston, Leona Starostine, and Christopher Steinberg learned the basics in arc welding, MIG welding, and cutting with an oxyacetylene torch. After reassurance that they would not be electrocuted, or burned (badly), each stepped up to the plate…

Top of the Pecking Order – UPDATE

An intricate intertwining of hemp cord creates the organically shaped eyes that highlight the main facades of the playhouse. GFF gave an extra effort towards this articulate application as we wanted to express the importance of an owl’s eyes, which are the main tool used by owls to find and hunt their prey. While exploring…

Top of the Pecking Order

Every year, the Dallas Arboretum installs a new rotation of children’s playhouses as a part of an annual exhibit dedicated to entertaining and educating the youth throughout the DFW metroplex. Each playhouse is design-built by the pairing of a local architecture firm and general contractor selected by the Arboretum. As the time comes for a new…

GFF Halloween Through the Years

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