Portrait of a GFFer: Gabrielle Duran

Meet Gabrielle Duran! Gabrielle joined us in 2021 and is a Project Coordinator in our Austin office!

“My favorite thing about working at GFF is the people. I feel everyone genuinely cares about what they are pursuing, and it shows in the quality of work that is done. Everyone is eager to talk about what they are working on and how the designs come together. There is a love for design, and a passion for learning new things in the field. It creates a fun and collaborative environment to work in.”

Outside of work, Gabrielle juggles many hobbies. She had always wanted to try boxing, and she finally got the courage to try earlier this year in Austin- she says it has been super rewarding! It has kept her active and introduced her to some great people along the way. Gabrielle has always been a crafty person, so if she’s not boxing, she is knitting, painting, or baking something new. She also loves to travel! She has visited Asia, having spent time in Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan, and has visited the U.S. Virgin Islands with her family. Recently, she has been focusing on seeing more of the U.S. and is hoping to plan some trips in the new year. She’s excited to check out Chicago and Portland!

A fun fact about Gabrielle is that in her first semester of architecture school, she had a professor who has the best orange drafting triangle that she would regularly ask to use for her drawings. By the end of the semester, she gave Gabrielle her own mini one! Though she doesn’t draft much by hand anymore, she keeps it on her all the time as a good luck charm and as a reminder of how she overcame challenges during that first hard semester. Another fun fact is that she’s lived in four different states! She grew up in Colorado but moved to Kansas in college. During her graduate year, she decided to move to Kansas City, Missouri. Even though she was only 20 minutes outside of Kansas, she had a Missouri address. Two years ago, she chose Texas to be her current home!

Thank you for all that you do Gabrielle, we are so lucky to have you!

Firm News

2nd Annual Portfolio Workshop

GFF is hosting it's second annual FREE Portfolio Workshop to assist students in navigating the conceptual and practical aspects of portfolio design and assembly. The virtual workshop will take place on May 31, 2024 followed by an in-person workshop on June 7, 2024 in our Dallas office.

Turning On A New Light

We are excited to start 2024 with a new logo, inspired by our new headquarters in the heart of the vibrant Victory Park neighborhood of Dallas. This transition is more than just a change of logo and address; it is an improved reflection of who we are and where we want to go as an industry-leading, design-focused firm.

Designing Spaces that Reflect Our Clients’ Mission

In honor of Historic Preservation Month, GFF will be a Bronze Sponsor for the 2023 Preservation Dallas Preservation Achievement Awards on May 17th, 2023.

Life Fellowship Church Unveils Newly Transformed Campus

GFF developed a new comprehensive campus master plan for Life Fellowship Church (LFC) located in McKinney, Texas, which includes renovation and expansion of their current campus to include a 1,200-seat future worship center, a weekday preschool, additional adult classrooms, and an administrative suite on a very compact site.

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