Portrait of a GFFer: Danielle LoPresti

Meet Danielle LoPresti! Danielle joined us in 2015 and is an Associate and the Director of Accounting!

“My favorite thing about working at GFF is the level of dedication that runs deep within the firm.  Everyone from the top down puts their heart and soul into their work and it’s what makes this place, and the places we build, so special.”

Danielle loves nature, traveling, and animals. She says, “I’m a HUGE nature nerd, so when I’m not at GFF, you can probably find me on a trail somewhere or working with my Texas Master Naturalists group on some environmental project.  My husband and I basically have a farm with all our animals (chickens, a bunny, a dog and a parrotlet), so I love spending time with my furred and feathered kids.  I also LOVE traveling and learning about other cultures and will jump at the chance to go just about anywhere.  My early years were spent in California, so I’m sure that laid the groundwork for my hippie mentality.  Combine that with a love for all things metaphysical, and you have the reason why I’m so drawn to teach yoga and practice Reiki/Crystal healing.”

A fun fact about Danielle is that she once hugged a 10-foot sand shark and lived to tell about it!

Thank you for all that you do Danielle, we are so lucky to have you!

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