Asana Deep Ellum

Dallas, Texas

Asana Partners has purchased several key properties along Main Street, between Crowdus and Good Latimer in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas. Asana is working with GFF and Land Design on repurposing these buildings, and the adjacent parking lot, into a vibrant retail and restaurant development. The building renovations include added storefronts, canopies, and lighting to open up the buildings and provide more of a connection to the new exterior spaces and the street. Interventions to the building and site include additional decorative and specialty lighting, signage and graphics, landscaping, seating, and site features such as canopies and shade structures. Such improvements will create a comfortable people place between the buildings, while maintaining the eclectic style and feel of the Deep Ellum neighborhood. Building improvements will add texture, scale, and depth to buildings that were previously non-descript, background structures. Asana owns and is purchasing additional structures in the Deep Ellum neighborhood and plans additional renovations in the future.