Meet GFF’s Historic Preservation Team: Chris Andersen

Meet Chris Andersen, who holds a special interest in the archaeological research of the history of a structure.

With GFF for over 24 years, Chris has worked on a wide variety of project types including both new construction and renovation/rehabilitation of old and historic properties.  He holds a special interest in the archaeological research of the history of a structure to understand how and why it was originally built, what has happened to it over its lifetime, and allowing that knowledge to inform the design process.

Growing up in Chicago, Chris was exposed to the great architecture of that city as well as the beauty and interest created by the juxtaposition of new and old.  He started his professional career working in commercial interior design before changing focus and joining a CAD software developer serving the AEC community.  During this time, he traveled extensively overseas, including an extended period where he lived and worked in Europe.  This experience provided further exposure to the importance of the integration of modern and historic structures.

Chris holds degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas at Arlington.  He has also served on the City of Dallas’ Landmark Commission Task Force for the West End Historic District.  Chris is proud to have been project architect for adaptive reuse projects like Factory Six03, International on Turtle Creek, and Jefferson Tower, as well as with GFF’s ongoing work at Dallas’ Fair Park.

The GFF Historic Preservation Team is an experienced group of design professionals who focus on the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historic properties.

Our Historic Preservation / Adaptive Reuse Team

If you are considering an historic preservation project, let’s talk about how GFF can help you achieve your vision.

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