Dealey Plaza Restoration

Dallas, Texas

Dealey Plaza is the center of a National Register Historic Landmark District, and is one of the most heavily visited sites in Dallas. By 2006, modern life and the large number of visitors had taken its toll on the site. Dealey Plaza was of course well documented with photographs from November 1963 and its aftermath. The design team used both original construction drawings and historical documents to restore the site to its 1963 appearance. Phase One of the restoration focused on the two plazas on Houston Street.  Work included replacing deteriorated concrete paving, restoring the stone coping on the fountain basins, and repairing and restoring the architectural concrete peristyles and pylons.

Phase Two of the restoration was completed prior to the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination in November 2013. This scope included restoration of the north and south pergolas, restoration of additional paving and steps, restoration of the fountains, improvements for accessibility, new interpretive graphics, and restoration of the landscaping across the entire site.