creating technologically integrated learning spaces which are both effective and inspiring


GFF has more than thirty years’ experience in guiding schools and universities through the process of programming, design and construction of their own unique vision, creating technologically integrated learning spaces which are both effective and inspiring.

Our process is strongly rooted in collaboration, committed to asking probing questions and to listening carefully to the answers. GFF’s work encompasses not only new construction and renovation projects but also the programming, planning and infrastructure improvements needed to keep a campus functioning at the highest level. We are particularly proud that our ability to translate institutional goals into built reality has forged long-term multi-project relationships with higher education and independent school clients.

GFF embraces and implements sustainable design strategies on every project, whether or not the client elects to pursue credentials under LEED or other systems, and our experience includes nine LEED Gold, ten Silver and five Certified projects, along with four Green Globes projects (one 4 Globes.)

Experience working with universities and private schools, with projects completed on twenty-five different campuses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and elsewhere in Texas

Ability to translate institutional goals into reality, resulting in a history of long-term multi-project relationships with education clients

Understanding the complexities of project planning on a busy campus, helping to accomplish objectives safely & efficiently while enhancing the quality of the campus as a whole

In-house Interiors, Landscape Architects and Planning staff participating in early design thinking, leading to design concepts which integrate all aspects of the project’s interior and exterior.