Portrait of a GFFer: Zack Sprinkle-Lewis

Meet Zack Sprinkle-Lewis. Zack graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, and a Master’s of Architecture. Zack joined the GFF Dallas office in April as a Senior Project Coordinator. Read below to learn more about Zack!

  1. I grew up in El Paso, TX and loved driving through the American Southwest on every road trip to the Texas Mainland.
  2. In high school I ran the 110m and 300m hurdles, they were my first passion and taught me about discipline and improvement through consistency.
  3. Every summer I attend a family summer camp outside of Alpine, TX (near big bend) where 25 of us cram into a cabin my family built by hand; there is no cell phone service, limited utilities, and beautiful views of the night stars.
  4. For the past 25 years my family has made gingerbread houses at Christmas, and I firmly believe this is what got me interested in the construction and creativity of architecture.
  5. I fell in love with Megacities in college when I was able to study broad in Seoul, South Korea and now I have the goal of visiting the largest cities in the world with rich cultural history.
  6. One of my favorite physical activities is rock climbing, I thrive on the immediate satisfaction of working to finish a route!
  7. I love playing Volleyball and am an active member of one of the largest volleyball associations: DIVA (Dallas Independent Volleyball Association).
  8. Quarantine allowed me to dive deeper into cooking and got me interested in making fresh pasta and homemade ravioli along with perfecting my red and white sauces; ask about the secret ingredient!
  9. In my spare time I make furniture and life size props for stage productions.
  10. My husband and I love to eat, whether that’s 100 pieces of sushi or 100 oysters.

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