Portrait of a GFFer: Talon McCart

Meet Talon McCart! Talon joined us in 2020 and is a Project Coordinator!

“My favorite thing about working at GFF is the friendships made with coworkers that make work more enjoyable, and learning/developing more skills through the people around me.”

Outside of work, Talon likes to bike, snowboard and wakeboard. Other hobbies include woodworking, home renovations, traveling and flying his drone. He also loves to spend time with his family!

A fun fact about Talon is that he is a mirror image twin, meaning they are opposite in most things (right-handed/left-handed, opposite vision in either eye). They were also the largest twins born in the hospital at the time, weighing over 15 pounds combined!

Thank you for all that you do Talon, we are so lucky to have you!

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