Portrait of a GFFer: Sam Stribling

Meet Sam Stribling! Sam joined us in 2020 and is a Senior Project Leader!

“My favorite things about working at GFF include its egalitarian approach to every facet of the design process; a stated focus on project continuity and collaboration; and concern for individual employee well-being.”

Outside of work, Sam loves to spend time with his wife, kids, and dogs (and probably more additional pet dust mites than an average household). As for other hobbies, Sam says “I am an enormous Sci-Fi / Fantasy nerd and a compulsive doodler; I enjoy watching, and then with a small group of like-minded friends complaining about, a specific subset of movies from the 80s / 90s that are categorically: obscure, budgeted modestly, and broadly absurd.”

For a fun fact about himself, Sam says “Not to toot my own horn, because I don’t know how to play the trumpet, but on a warm day I can reach approximately 90 WPM on a moderately easy typing test.”

Thank you for all that you do Sam, we are so lucky to have you!

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