Portrait of a GFFer: Hollyann Friloux

Meet Hollyann Friloux! Hollyann joined us in 2022 as an Interior Design Professional!

“My favorite thing about working at GFF is the supportive and encouraging environment I get to work in every day. As a new designer, there is no shortage of learning opportunities from my coworkers every day. The talent and passion of everyone is evident in each and every project I get the privilege of working on.”

Outside of work, Hollyann enjoys spending time with her Golden Retriever (Connie), long walks/runs on the Katy trail, and seeing new movies in the theater. She moved to Dallas from Mississippi a little over a year ago, so she loves exploring all the fun Dallas spots on the weekend. She also loves going to concerts and discovering new music! She and her friends have been to about four this summer, and they already have three coming up!

A fun fact about is Hollyann is that she was named after a song from the band Boston. “Hollyann” was one of her dad’s favorite songs! Another fun fact is that she decided to major in interior design because she was randomly placed in both a painting and art history class in her senior year of high school. She discovered her creativity and knew that she wanted to implement that into her career somehow, so Interior Design seemed to be the perfect choice!

Thank you for all that you do Hollyann, we are so lucky to have you!

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