Chase Oaks Church – Local Good Center

Chase Oaks Church’s Local Good Center was recently featured on the cover of Church Design’s May issue, in the article titled ‘Design Helps Practice What’s Preached.’

In 2020, Chase Oaks Church strategically pursued a new property located in an underserved area of Plano, Texas, with the goal of creating a dedicated community center to meet various needs. The center was designed to accommodate programs dedicated to education and transformation, including classes for English as a Second Language (ESL), U.S. citizenship exam preparation and computer basics in addition to a wellness center with a teaching kitchen and a market with access to fresh food. The Local Good Center opened in late 2021 fulfilling their vision “To create lasting good within our community by providing access and empowerment for those in need”.

The article covers the Local Good Center’s history, impact, and service to the community in more detail. GFF Church Works Studio Director Jacquelyn Block, who was interviewed for the piece, expands on the project goals and intentional design while highlighting the positive influence this project will have. Click on the link to read the full article.

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