Capital One Plaza of the Americas

Dallas, Texas

Capital One partnered with the design team to reimagine their office space in the Plaza of the Americas South Tower. The intent was to create a workplace that fosters creativity, enables social interactions and accommodates a variety of work styles. The workspace is organized around clusters of workstations and enclosed offices. The work clusters are connected to each other by a pod of meeting spaces, enclaves and phone rooms that allow for collaborative or focused work. In order to reinforce personal connections between associates, a hub space was created in the center of the floor plan for impromptu meetings or a place to socialize with a colleague.

The downtown location and the street grid of Dallas influenced the aesthetics of space by the introduction of linear and angular design gestures to evoke the concepts of intersection, connection and flow. This is exhibited by the use of linear wood wall and ceiling elements accented by angular elements that transfer between these planes. The use of color and pattern provides for a visual clue on the type of function the spaces were designed to accommodate, while wood ceiling features provide an unexpected warm touch in certain areas.