Capital One

Plano, Texas

Capital One wanted a workspace that reflects their working methodology, allows for creative thinking and sparks innovative and diverse ideas.  The flexible open office environment is organized around ‘Pods’ which have spaces for workspace with mobile tables, large team work, smaller collaboration work areas and intimate spaces for focused individual work. Throughout the space, the design accommodates different settings where employees can meet informally, find a space to work, or to relax away from the open office environment.  There are multiply opportunities throughout the building for spots of impromptu collaboration.

Each floor of the building is identified with a color to allow users to experience different atmosphere and provide wayfinding identification. The use of wood and textural materials bring in a sense of place. A combination of acoustical ceiling tile and exposed ceilings provide definition of work zones and corridor areas creating a more cohesive experience.  The environment creates a fun, unique and dynamic atmosphere. A full-service cafeteria and barista provide amenities for the users to break away from the open office.