Portrait of a GFFer: Yasmin Al-Jafari

Meet Yasmin Al-Jafari!

Yasmin joined us in April of 2021 and is a Project Coordinator in the Fort Worth office.

Yasmin says, “My favorite part about GFF is working on our housing projects and their high quality of design. I appreciate the thoughtful and meaningful places created by GFF.”

In her free time, Yasmin loves to travel and is planning a trip to Italy in September. When she isn’t travelling, she can be found cycling, reading a book, or watching classic films.

She says that working on GFF’s JEDI Committee, specifically the JEDI Newsletter is one of her passions here. She also is passionate about technology and drawing standards and is a BIM Liaison for the Fort Worth office.

Some fun facts about Yasmin are that she is a Trekkie and has lived in 3 different countries.