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GFF Media is the team at Good Fulton & Farrell that specializes in making images that tell stories about architecture. Offering Visualization Services including 3-D models, aerial composites, digital painting, graphic design and photography, GFF Media delivers clients beautifully elegant visual tools to aid in the design and marketing of their projects. Additional media outputs range from analog hand-drawn sketches combined with digital painting and 3D-model content plus photographic composites, to fully developed photo-realistic renderings and videos. As an exclusively in-house team led by digital artists who happen to be licensed architects, we work as an integrated part of the architectural studio on every project. Our ability to communicate atmosphere and sense of place through the rendered image sets us apart.

Compelling images are a powerful tool for your next big pitch. GFF Media builds meaningful and memorable visual narratives. Earn support for your project’s capital campaign, city council presentation and funding approvals through the use of engaging and expressive images.

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