White Rock Montessori

Dallas, Texas

White Rock Montessori engaged GFF to design a new Middles School building on their four and half acre wooded site in East Dallas.  The new 2,200sf building will contain a large Community Space, and two smaller break-out spaces referred to as Color Group spaces.  While not a large building, it is designed to fully reflect the Schools’ Montessori teaching method for their middle school program, consisting of seventh and eighth grade students, by providing them increased autonomy apart from the rest of the student body, a critical need of this age group.

The exterior of the building will be clad with small scale fiber cement shingles, allowing the building to blend with the surrounding texture of the dense trees and thick vegetation of the site.  A large patio and pergola on east side of the building will provide the students with an outdoor classroom that is intended to be used just as much as the indoor spaces.  New nature paths will meander through the site and connect the new building to both the street and the existing classroom building.