West Commerce Gateway Landscape

Dallas, Texas

West Commerce Gateway is located at the entry to West Dallas from the Commerce Street Bridge, which connects directly to the heart of Downtown Dallas at the corner of West Commerce and Beckley Avenue. The project is a mixed-use development that consists of 315 apartment units located in a 4-story wrap style building along with 12,700 SF of single-story freestanding restaurant and retail space. The restaurant and retail buildings are organized around a central garden and gathering space that is adjacent to the apartment building; along Beckley patrons will enjoy unobstructed views of Downtown Dallas. Restaurant and retail parking are shared in the apartment parking garage to promote an urban streetscape in between the apartment and retail buildings.


This area of West Dallas is historically an industrial zone but is now being repurposed to introduce new residential and retail project types in the area. This revitalization and expected increase of public usage demands new pedestrian amenities along the streetscape while acting as a gateway into the new West Dallas. A total of 2,175 linear feet of urban streetscape has been proposed to support the expected increase of pedestrian traffic. In addition to the new urban streetscape, roughly 9,000 square feet of greenspace has been devoted to a public space located between the retail and restaurant buildings for social gatherings. Immediately adjacent to the gathering space is an 8,600 square foot, auxiliary valet drop-off zone, preferred parking area, and roundabout to help navigate the intimate space between the residential building and public space. The residential building is complete with a 9,125 square foot private amenity courtyard with a 2,200 square foot pool.