Weir’s Plaza Landscape

Dallas, Texas

An instant cornerstone to the vibrant Knox-Henderson district, the Weirs tower is a mixed-use office and storefront retail. The design intent celebrates the district both as a modern pinnacle for activity in the corridor, but also the vernacular of the site’s origins, formerly home to Old Highland Park Soda Fountain. Through its timeless and classic design, the new building embraces this restored façade’s embodied splendor, eschewing in the new scale while retaining the original building’s character amongst the corridor. Broad entries, transparent storefronts, scaled plazas and streetside café seating are promoted to blend the social atmosphere adjacent and through the building. Adaptive plantings and concrete seatwalls are present to soften the street and allow its guests public interaction, while also maintaining hearty properties to remain resilient in this urban condition. Intricately planned and design, this project seeks to add life and access to this emerging area while seeking to retain the soul and character ingrained in its faces of which made this district special to begin with.