Visalia First Assembly of God

Visalia, California

Faced with explosive growth as one of the fastest growing churches in the country, Visalia First Assembly of God in Visalia, California expanded their Akers campus with a new 3,000 seat Worship Center, and Community Common. Exterior amenities include native plants and trees which enhance the drop off drive at the front entry; outdoor speakers were added to heighten the experience from the new additional parking area and for outdoor gatherings; future design provisions were included to provide colorful wall mounted art banners and an outdoor screen for movie watching. As one of the largest assembly spaces in the region with an integrated dance floor, this venue will also accommodate local theater, and the performing arts in creating a destination location for civic, cultural and religious gatherings. The generous Community Commons area will host exhibitions featuring local artists, featuring a cafe, a Welcome Center, and Information Centers dispersed throughout the Commons.