Vantage Point Church Master Plan

Eastvale, California

GFF is working with Vantage Point Church to develop a new Master Plan and Schematic building designs for a new church campus on approximately 10.4 acres located at 8500 Archibald Avenue in the City of Eastvale, California. The property is located adjacent to residential community ties to the south and north, and the Santa Ana River to the east. The property affords good access and visibility from Archibald Avenue, a major arterial and gateway to the city. The church intends that each element of the Master Plan and use “will become a place of uniquely identifiable character, united through a network of trails, gardens, structures and open spaces that will make the site a unique community asset allowing worship, celebration, community involvement, and the ability to create partnerships inside and outside of the Church functions.” In addition, the church has indicated that “…livability and quality of life are important drivers of its uses and form. The creation of a public place coupled with private spaces that emphasize community building is a fundamental premise of development of the Vantage Point Church Master Plan”. The proposed Master Plan is based on maximum congregation service attendance of 1,000 and an overall attendance of potentially3,000 to 5,000.