Trinity South Master Planning and Zoning Consultation

Dallas, Texas

This 75-acre property assemblage is a part of our client’s strategy for investment and development along the Trinity River near Downtown Dallas. The site was an industrial district of warehouses, scrap metal recycling and manufacturing operations with some minor environmental clean up required. The size of the property was large enough to achieve critical mass for re-zoning and redevelopment as a high-density residential district with significant retail services, taking advantage of the proximity to the Trinity River Lake and Park improvements.

For Trinity South, GFF designed a mixed use neighborhood composed primarily of four and five-story residential blocks lining a system of local streets and mews. A central boulevard street was organized to link a light rail station with the access point to the Trinity Park, and is planned as the primary retail location for the neighborhood. A form-based Planned Development zoning district was successfully achieved for the client, maintaining flexibility for the neighborhood to increase height and density, adjust the street pattern and change the mix of retail uses as development proceeds over time.