Trailhead Social

Austin, Texas

Growth in the City of Austin, including the racetrack, airport and many commercial, mixed-use, multifamily and culinary developments, has been trending east in recent years. The owners of the GFF-designed Alta Trailhead multifamily project, Stonelake Capital, also acquired small junkyard lot at the corner of the development. Logistically it wasn’t feasible to incorporate the site into the multifamily site, so Stonelake asked GFF to investigate potential uses for the land that would complement the other program we were developing. Trailhead Social is a favorite among the ideas: a hypothetical food truck park and bar/entertainment space that would fit perfectly adjacent the multifamily site between the trails, and it would be the unifying gathering and resting place to support those other uses as well as the creative office spaces that surround the site in this developing area.