Fort Worth, Texas

The 270-acre Clearfork development, part of the historic Edwards Ranch, is located in the prestigious and affluent near-southwest quadrant of Fort Worth. The family held the property off the market for development for decades as the city grew and matured around them. Now the Chisholm Trail Parkway has recently opened for traffic along the northern ranch boundary, and has triggered a major lifestyle shopping center and a mixed use medium-density residential project as the catalyst for development of the ranch. Trailhead is sited along the Trinity River shoreline a couple of blocks to the south within the ranch. Hike and bike trails follow the west fork of the Trinity for miles, attracting a youthful and fitness-oriented demographic which the family wanted to serve and introduce to the ranch. The program for the 13,700 SF building includes a bike shop, yoga studio, coffee shop and beer garden. These functions have been arranged on two levels in a building with an informal spirit and contemporary form that causes interior and exterior spaces to merge seamlessly.