Dallas, Texas

TEGNA Media includes television stations across the US, and they created their “HATCH” group in order to collaboratively “Hatch” new ideas for televised marketing strategies that evolve with their changing market. This department was built from the ground-up, and they wanted an open work environment that inspired creativity and a sense of community as if they started in their own garage. The design was intended to pull back the existing refined finishes that carry through the rest of the adjacent TEGNA office, and pull in a rawness of materials and expose the architecture to add a level of comfort to enhance the creative thinking process as if they were a start-up company. The Hatch area is still tied to the rest of the office space by utilizing existing carpet and furniture, but the bold pops of color, unique lighting, large-scale graphic nods to their television roots, and exposed structure define this area as their own. The renovation was approximately 3200 SF, but packed a big punch.