St. Patrick Catholic Church

Dallas, Texas

In 2009, St. Patrick Catholic Church commissioned GFF to update its mid-1980’s sanctuary. Besides addressing dim lighting and unintelligible speech, the liturgical needs of the congregation had to be met while maintaining and complementing the architectural integrity of the space.

As Design Architect, GFF met the parish’s needs and budget constraints while addressing the concerns of the Diocese’s Sacred Places Commission. New lighting brightened, accented and highlighted various components of the space helping to balance strong sources of natural light. New controls, microphones, and speakers above the altar improved speech intelligibility. New wall treatments enhanced room acoustics and reinforced congregational singing. To improve sight angles, the altar platform was reduced in size, lowered and made accessible with new ramps. A permanent baptistery was installed. Shrines and private devotional areas were relocated. New altar furnishings and finish materials – porcelain, stone, wood, and brass – were added.