St. Jude’s Medical Interiors

Dallas, Texas

GFF provided programming, architectural, interior and furniture services for a 143,000 SF headquarters facility for the manufacturer of implantable biomedical devices. The new 143,000 SF facility showcases the company’s precision manufacturing and engineering operation, while creating a warm, cosseting environment for their primary customers – visiting surgeons.

The design capitalizes on the spectacular views of the adjacent White Rock Creek.

By orienting customer training, hospitality and common spaces to the creek, the interiors are knit together with a meandering circulation zone allowing all to enjoy this natural beauty. This common path has a staggered plan and floor-to-ceiling glass which affords it panoramic views of a bucolic riparian landscape and ready access to the outdoor patios nestled between the two. The path’s terminus is a Class 10K/100K clean room, the windows into which offer testament to the company’s purpose and technical prowess.