Siemens Dematic Postal Automation Headquarters

Arlington, Texas

Many of our corporate build-to-suits have emanated from unusual requirements– generally things which can’t be found in typical “market” buildings. Such was indeed the case for this multinational concern. Specifically, they needed a corporate headquarters with a 75,000 SF, 20-foot tall space to engineer, test, and demonstrate massive high-speed sorting machines for the likes of the U.S. Postal Service. The result was a 235,000 SF three-pod structure, two of which house the usual corporate accoutrements with the third being a specialized equipment showcase, all arrayed around a central courtyard.

The predominant surface is simple, straightforward tilt-wall, modulated by a rhythmic grid of windows and reveals. Its light color becomes a backdrop for the signature feature- a crispy detailed, curving expanse of curtain wall positioned at the building’s center flanked by fields of rough hewn stone. The entry was centered in this feature, which was in turn centered on the terminus of the approaching street. The curve serves to both soften the buildings composition and acknowledge the roundabout on which it sits.