Ross & Peak Landscape

Dallas, Texas

RangeWater Real Estate, in conjunction with GFF Landscape and Architecture, transformed a crumbling used car lot in the heart of East Dallas into a 5-story, 240-unit industrial modern multifamily apartment complex at the intersection of Ross Avenue and Peak Street.  Prospective residents pass through a New Orleans-style courtyard portal to discover the leasing office framed by a softly splashing water feature and a classically-inspired grove of magnolias along a central lawn.  Seating opportunities are dotted throughout the courtyard and continue through an outdoor living space with TVs and game tables.  A sleek 2000 SF pool invites lounging with bubblers and benches, and daybeds allow for relaxing while friends grill in the shaded outdoor kitchen or gather around the fire table.  Rich evergreen plantings contrast with ornamental grasses and flowering perennials to create a plant palette that combines classic with contemporary in a way unique to this historic Dallas neighborhood.