Portrait of a GFFer: Marisa Dominguez

Meet Marisa Dominguez, an 11th generation San Antonian! Marisa graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design and received her Master’s of Architecture from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Marisa joined the GFF Dallas Office in 2021 as a Team Member in the Reyes Studio. Read below to learn more about Marisa!

  1. I worked for Habitat for Humanity in San Antonio for four and a half years. It gave me confidence in public speaking and in handling construction tools. The men pictured with me above were my mentors and grew to be my family.
  2. I’m a military brat and was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I consider both El Paso and San Antonio my home. Traveling is in my bones!
  3. I studied abroad in Italy for my undergrad and again in grad school (for only two weeks then got sent back due to COVID, still not over it).
  4. I traveled for two weeks in Japan. It’s one of my favorite places so far!
  5. My entire family are nurses. They tried to get me on board, but it didn’t take; however, I believe it’s my foundation for loving health and wellness in architecture.
  6. Growing up I wanted to be a fashion designer, author, and chef. No idea how chef got in there. I’m horrible at cooking.
  7. I have a personal blog where I like to think I’m good at poetry and writing, but mostly only my family follows, so that should tell you something.
  8. My favorite movie trilogy is the Lord of the Rings, next the Matrix. I’m not really picky, just give me a good action movie.
  9. I played multiple sports in high school, but I really wish I had joined the chess club, or if we had a ping pong club, that would’ve been awesome!
  10. My family likes to stay active and run annual 5k Jingle Bell and Turkey Trots. The ongoing joke is that we’re training for a marathon, just don’t ask when it is.