Portrait of a GFFer: Bryana Cozart

Meet Bryana Cozart. Bryana was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She graduated from Kansas State University with a Master of Interior Architecture and Product Design. Bryana is also a proud parent of two succulents: Pete and Maddison. Read below for more about Bryana!

  1. Dancing has been a part of my life since I was allowed on the dance floor. I’ve done all types of dancing (tap, jazz, hip hop, etc.). I love it all!
  2. I am the oldest of four very extroverted kids . I have two brothers and one sister.
  3. The Pittsburg Steelers are my favorite sports team. #SteelersNation
  4. I love to travel! While in school I spent a summer studying abroad in Orvieto, Italy. The architecture and the pizza there were life changing.
  5. Disney movies are my absolute favorite movies. You’d want me on your team for Disney trivia!
  6. Golf is my favorite sport. I made the varsity team all 4 years of high school.
  7. My family is huge! They are my biggest motivators and my support system; they mean the world to me.
  8. My friends and family would describe me as energetic (or an “energizer bunny”). I’ve always been a very upbeat person.
  9. I collect giraffes. I have giraffe artwork, stuffed animals, mini statues, and a few pillows. They have been my favorite animal since I can remember.
  10. Design became a passion for me once I saw how it could shape our communities. I can remember when my mama would take me to volunteer once a year on a freezing December morning. We would go and help rebuild a home for a family in need. The smiles on that family’s face made all the cold hours’ worth it!